Russian language as Foreign Language

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Russian language as Foreign Language Training Courses in Kyiv at the educational centre


ILC International Language Company

  • we have highly skilled teachers with the long-term experience of teaching of Russian language as Foreign Language Training.
  • the Programs meet international standards.
  • the Individual programs worked out according to your wishes and purposes.
  • the schedule of training is convenient for you.
  • modern Russian language textbooks as foreign language textbooks provided by leaders of foreign and Russian publishing houses.
  • studying process is provided in groups and on individual basis. You can choose a frequency of training.
  • preparation to pass a test for the certificate of Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).


At our school of Russian language you can pass a test free of charge.

Education programs are, as fllows:

  • the General course
  • the Business course
  • Ecology
  • individually developed program



1 week

36 class periods

2 weeks

72 class periods

3 weeks

108 class periods

4 weeks

144 class periods

- 10% discount











Group comprising 3 and more persons






1 class period = 45 minutes

The Prices are specified in Euro

Training Cost is shown per one person

The cost doesn’t comprise a payment for textbooks. The payment for textbooks makes 20 Euros. The audio and video materials as well as additional materials of teachers are free of charge.

After the courses termination and successful testing, you’ll receive the certificate of our company.



One week

In a family (bed and breakfast) From 205
In a flat From 210
In a hotel From 350


The Prices are specified in Euro


Moreover we offer an interesting cultural program – Excursions across Kyiv, visiting of theatres and concerts, an evening life of a city, actual exhibitions.



Russian is one of the main languages in the world.

  • Quantity of persons in the Russian speaking world reaches 300 million. Russian language occupies the fourth place as far as spreading in the world after Chinese, English and Spanish.
  • Russian is one of six “working” or official languages of the United Nations.
  • According to the research W3Techs as of March, 2013 Russian language occupied the second place as far as use in the Internet navigation.


We are glad to offer you Russian Language Training Courses in Kyiv — in a cradle of Russian culture, in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

For many persons in Ukraine Russian language is considered as the native, and 100 % of the population of Ukraine understands it.